What Is The Strategy To Succeed In The UPSC Exam?

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The UPSC exam is a prestigious exam conducted by the Indian Government. It is also hard to clear the exam in one go and requires year-long preparation to reach the goal. Hence, to fare well in the UPSC exam, one should have, right knowledge and correct strategy to score good marks. Therefore, some IAS aspirants join the Top IAS Coaching in Bangalore to achieve their goals. Every year lakhs and lakhs of candidates apply for the exam and only a tiny percentage of students clear the UPSC exam. The difficulty in the exam is its extensive curriculum and complex nature of subjects. Therefore, to score the desired goal students should know the pattern thoroughly and use the right strategies. Hence, listed below are some exam strategies to succeed in the UPSC exam.

Understanding the exam pattern:

The first step to clear the UPSC exam is to understand the exam pattern thoroughly. The exam pattern for the IAS exam contains prelims, mains, and personality tests. In prelims, the structure consists of general studies I and II. For mains, it consists of nine descriptive papers. The final exam is the personality test, where the candidate has an interview with the UPSC board. Hence, look for the pattern before preparing for the exam.

Reading newspaper:

The important concept in the UPSC exam is current affairs. It plays a vital role in the exam and essential topics in the prelims and mains as well. Current affairs include information regarding the events happening in society and the country. So, IAS aspirants who desire to fare well in the exam should have the habit of reading newspapers to gain knowledge regarding social events. Nowadays, various apps and websites send notifications on social affairs regularly. Hence, enrolling in such activities will benefit the students to score well in the exam.

Previous year’s question paper:

The fundamental thing to clear the UPSC exam is to go through the previous year’s question paper. It helps the students to gain knowledge and familiarize the various concepts of the exam. Further, regular practice will improve the student’s studying pattern. It also identifies the area that the student should focus on and improve.

Hence, IAS aspirants look for the IAS Academy in Hyderabad for intense learning techniques and study materials. Therefore, consider the tips shared in the post for better preparations.

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