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10 Steps Of Embedded System Development Process

A well-defined embedded system development process is essential for a successful product. The hardware and software design processes are the most important parts of the embedded system development process. Unlike the embedded software development design process on a standard platform, the design entails that both hardware and software be built in the same way.


This is the stage in which an idea is discussed with all stakeholders and a brain-storming session is held to determine whether the idea is worthy of moving forward to the development stage. Identifying the right product that solves the customer’s problem is one of the most difficult and important tasks in any business.

Technical Information:

It is necessary to generate a complete technical design requirement specification document. The goal of the product, block diagram, primary features, environmental conditions, production needs, and so on should all be covered in the product specification.

Developing the Solution:

It’s time to architect the solution after completing a detailed technical specification document.

On a high level, how will the design look, what strategies should be used to build a solution, what type of power supply should be used, what type of wired or wireless connectivity should be used have to be decided.

Design Finalization & Component Selection:

Engineers must examine each block in the system, pick components consulting an expert in conflict mineral compliance, and finalize the design after the architecture is complete.

An engineer will pick the form of power supply to construct, such as a linear regulator, a DC-DC switching converter, or something else, and then which power chip to utilize and its application circuit.

Test Plan:

Hardware and software tests are included in the test plan. Testing is critical for determining a product’s dependability. Companies spend a lot of time testing their products to ensure that their customers don’t have any problems.

A good testing strategy should include the following:

  • Validation of hardware design
  • Validation of software design
  • Product testing at the manufacturing level

Creating a test plan before implementing a design allows you to integrate any changes that are needed in the design to allow for testing.

Implementation of the Design:

This is the implementation’s primary engineering step. The architecture is transformed into the design here.

To ensure that first time rights are developed, a necessary review system must be implemented. If design evaluations are required, an external consultant should not be used.

Proof-of-concept, prototyping, and testing:

If the design is completely new, or if you are unsure about the entire design or a portion of it, it is a good idea to make a prototype first to prove the design and check if there are any flaws.

You can build the prototype with the help of 3D modeling services and test it again for functionality and environmental conditions once this is established.

Trials in the Field:

Because field conditions vary, engineers must consider all of the situations that their product will face in the field so that they can replicate those settings and test their product’s performance before sending it out into the field.

Improvements to the Final Product:

After field testing, all of the improvements must be included into the design based on the input.

If difficulties are discovered during field trials, you will need to modify the test techniques used throughout the design validation/production testing stage to ensure a faultless product leaves the factory.

Launch of a New Product:

Various other factors must be in place before the product may be launched, such as:

  • Various product certifications depend on the features and countries in which they will be sold.
  • Documentation includes a product page on the internet, a quick introduction video, a datasheet, a user guide, and instructions on how to set up the Support channel, among other things.

Also, there are many companies providing comprehensive REACH compliance services developing embedded systems.

Python’s Top 5 Real-World Applications

What is Python?

Python is the highly preferred programming language among thousands of developers due to its versatility and robustness. Python is object-oriented scripting that is easy to read and understand by everyone. Owing to its simplicity it is not only used in Software Development but also in Web Development, Mobile App Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Game Development. One of the key features of Python is that you only need to code less when compared with other programming languages. Python is a high-level programming language and it is the commonly used language among developers for building an application rapidly. Python is also called a glue language since it is capable of connecting different components, software, and systems on various platforms. Some other examples of Glue language are AppleScript, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, VBScript, PHP, and PowerShell.  Python Online Course at FITA Academy provides in-depth training of Python applications and concepts with Expert mentorship and guidance. 

Applications Of Python:

Python is one of the popularly used programming languages in the world and is highly used in Mobile App Development, Web Development, Data Science, Data Analysis, & Automation Testing. It is also used by non-programmers such as accountants and scientists, who use Python for their everyday tasks.  To understand more about Python applications, join Python Training in Chennai to have a high chance of getting job posts in many leading companies.

Having seen what Python is and its application so far, let us now see the features and the popular real-world applications where Python is used. 

Features of Python:

  • Interpreted and Easy to comprehend
  • Free and open-source( upload the entire source code of the software)
  • Highly portable and has a user-friendly data structure
  • Provides extensive support libraries
  • Processes XML and other mark-up languages
  • Third-party modules are present
  • Can run on various operating systems
  • Dynamically typed
  • Object-oriented
  • Cross-platform

Python is widely used in various industries for these specific features. Python Training in Bangalore provides a high chance to become prominent in the job industry.

Web Development:

Python has a special role in Web development as it offers Web Developers the best security, easy scalability, and convenience in the development process.

Python has a wide array of frameworks and Content Management Systems, that helps the web developer to complete their Web Development process quickly. 


  • Python Web development frameworks Flask, Django, Pyramid, and Bottle. 
  • Content Management Systems – Django, CMS, Plone CMS, and Wagtail.   

A brief overview of Python Web Development frameworks

  •  Django  Django is a high-level and open-source web framework in python, which supports rapid web development and design. 
  •  Bottle- It is a fast and lightweight WSGI(Web Server Gateway Interface) micro web framework for Python and this framework has no other dependencies than the standard Python library. 
  • Pyramid – It is an open-source Python web framework. This python framework helps you to map URLs to code, security, and serving static assets (files like JavaScript and CSS).  
  • Falcon – It is a WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface forward requests to web applications or frameworks written in the Python programming language) library for building speedy web APIs and app backends. It provides enhanced reliability, flexibility to support the python web framework.

Data Science:

We all know that data science plays a decisive role in the modern world.  Today Data is everywhere and when an organization lacks in optimizing its Data it is surely out of the league in the marketplace. The general process of Data Science includes  Identifying the problem, data collection, data processing, data exploration, data analysis, and data visualization. To do this process efficiently Data Science makes use of many tools and libraries. And here Python libraries are the best choice to go with. In fact, Python has a major role in the Data Science process. Some of the popular Python libraries for Data Science are Pandas, Keras, SciKiLearn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, XGBoost, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Numpy.

Game Development

Python is widely used in Game development. 2D & 3D game development is possible with the help of Python libraries like PyGame, Pycap, Construct, Panda3D, Pysoy and there are many such libraries for game development. For example Games such as Civilization-IV, Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike, etc. have been built using Python libraries. 

Audio and Video Applications

Python’s efficiency is also well known in audio and video applications. When it comes to audio and video applications, libraries of python help you to accomplish your task quickly.  Video and audio applications such as TimPlayer, Cplay were developed using Python libraries. Using python Libraries like Pyo, and Dejavu, you can handle signal processing, audio manipulation, and audio recognition. Python offers several libraries for the video part such as OpenCV, Scipy, and many other libraries for better stability and performance. Big players like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube are popular audio and video applications written in Python.

Business Applications:

Business Applications are different from other applications. Business Application has specific features instead of multiple features. The user group of business applications is an organization and it is not created with general-purpose like Consumer Application. Moreover, Python provides us with all applications which are scalable, extensible, and easily readable. The best thing about Python is, it can do both consumer applications and business applications and gives high-security features for business applications. Odoo and Tryton are two powerful business applications that are built using Python. 

Python Classes in Pune will prepare the individual to face the challenges on the job with practical knowledge.

Summing Up

By now you know, the top 5 uses of Python in real-world applications and how Python is used in all sectors like  Web development, Data Science, Business Application, and  Mobile App Development. No matter what field you take up. You can start learning Python to enhance your career. If you’re a beginner and looking to learn a Python course then join the Python Training in Hyderabad at FITA Academy that trains you to get opportunities in the  IT domain.     

What is Java? Learn Few Tips to Become a Java Developer

Java is a programming language, in which the instructions are given through the computer through the digital method. Java language is similar to C, C++ and it is simplified to the language causing the common errors in the programming. In this article, get to know about What is Java, Learn Few Tips to Become a Java Developer. There is more scope for Java Developers in the market nowadays. Java Online Training guides to become a better Java developer.

Some of the tips given below will be useful for you to become a developer. Follow this and become the best Java developer.

Java 17

The recent version in Java is Java 17. It is most important for the developers to learn this version to work on it. It has many features like lambdas and a stream of the API. It will be helpful for the programmers to manage the development.

Know Spring Boot

Most organizations prefer Spring boots. The Spring boots help in the development of frameworks like Spring Cloud, MVC. These help in the development of web applications. In modern software usage, this application helps to be testable.

Unit Testing

 Unit Testing is the main skill for the Java developer. Testing skill separates the java developer and average developer. It has automation testing, integration testing, unit testing for the developers. SkillsIon is the best online platform to Learn Java Online. If you are new to Java development, it is important to learn the testing skill. Better start with the Javaunit5 that will be easy for the learners to learn soon. 

Learn Libraries and API

It is the maturing language. Tons of libraries and APIs are available to the programmers. The APIS like Jackson, JSON, are used in the programming language. 

JVMs Internals

To become a rockstar in Java, JVM must be known to the developer. You can write robust and high-performance Java applications if you know the JVM internals.

DevOps Tool

The senior developers need a DevOps tool for learning the Java programming language. They need this kind of tool for coding, build scripts, guidelines, etc.

Learn kotlin and Microservices

Kotlin is a language from JetBrains, it is also a language of Android. It helps in the improvement of android applications. Java developers should learn about microservices design and how to create microservices in Java. 

Try to implement all of these suggestions, practically. Learn Java 17 and Spring Framework if you are unfamiliar, if you are proficient in those, you can move on to unit testing, JVM internals, and DevOps. 

Significant Quality of Structural Engineering Provider of Observation

The framework of any construction system must be strong and durable. This will ultimately ensure the long-term stability of various building formations in all situations. As a result, during a building inspection, the overall importance is put on checking the status of the groundwork. However, without the guidance of a professional, such a task is far from simple. In this context, the value of structural consultants in Bangalore is enormous. When evaluating the operating foundation with an extreme focus on the minute things, such engineers always provide valuable assistance to the property owners. With the assistance of such professionals, they are ultimately able to improve the consistency and dependability of the current housing structure.

Immediate Detection of Problems

Only structural engineering companies in Hyderabad can identify unrecognized problems with your existing building configuration that may face a serious threat to the security of the inhabitants. Through this identification, such an engineer allows you to prevent the development of these issues by carrying out detailed fixing work ahead of time.

Detailed Report

After deeply examining your home’s foundation, such a professional will issue a proper report highlighting the actual position as well as a multitude of suggestions to further increase the durability and balance of such building projects. It is now entirely up to your conscience to follow of that kind recommendations without deviating in any way. Such a review will assist you in gaining the necessary advice on how to improve the home’s structural system performance.

Reasoning Fulfillment

When it comes to monitoring a house’s entire structure, there seems to be no better option than a structural engineer. When you hire such an engineer, your worries about the state of your residence will vanish. Such a specialist has the necessary skills and knowledge to assess the situation of any built form by carefully analyzing the solid framework. This ultimately saves you money and effort from chasing down various agencies.

Whether you choose to enlarge your current home or sell it, using structural engineers in Chennai is useful. It will essentially help to increase your trust while performing such activities. This is because quite a specialist will provide you with a detailed understanding of the exact situation of the original design of the structure well in terms of planning, and you will have to make the correct choice based on that.

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends For Business Branding

Graphic design branding is essential for communicating with potential customers. Regardless of the type of marketing, you’re doing, whether that’s social media marketing, digital advertisements, you need to have amazing graphic designs created for your company. Some of the most essential new graphic design trends that you should be aware of that will be explored in this post. Learn more about new graphic design trends through Graphic Design Courses in Chennai.

Minimalism In Graphic Designs:

Minimalism is a significant new graphic design trends that comes out with fewer elements to design an effective brand logo. minimalist design use only a few colors, typography, and a simple layout to designing images that help to interact with potential customers. Minimalis images look simple and clean and they easily attract probable customers.


Color gradients feature in graphic design is a crucial feature that delivers brand logo separate, unique, and differentiate from the other common images of your business. For this purpose, many businesses are now using gradient color in their blog, social media post images. The gradient in the graphics designs delivers depth illustrations that help you differentiate graphic design branding logos from other brand company logos with flat colors.

Using illustrations:

Illustrations utilization in the graphics can interact better when compared to other regular images. Designers permit to draw different kinds of illustrations and the main fascinating fact in illustrations is that they are unparalleled because they cannot be replicated effortlessly by others. The advantage of using illustrations is a designer can using various colors of the company brand. 

Wisely Choosing The Fonts:

Fonts are the most important elements which make a significant impact on the designs. While creating the desired emotion, The bright, bold, dark, shape of the font would be highly useful. So choosing the font is an essential thing in branding your business.

For making a notable contrast in the graphics, Heavy fonts are used and it leads to attracts the attention of the viewer. Commonly a bold variation of a font is termed as the heavy font but the only thing is the designer has to use it only for some words of text otherwise the graphic generates a poor experience by executing it difficult to read.


Using irregular and flowing shapes in graphic design Apart from using common shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, etc. because it makes the graphics more natural and attracts potential customers.

Get familiar with graphic design branding with the support of the Online Graphic Design Course with the counseling of experienced designers.


I hope that after reading this post, you have gained an understanding of various new graphic design trends that can influence your business’s potential clients. Utilize these trends to help your brand name stand out and become more remarkable. To build outstanding graphic design branding, keep in mind that good graphics necessitate amazing originality and good designer skills. If you are unable to create on your own, it is preferable to go to Graphic Design Institute in ChennaiFITA Academy is the best platform to get immense training in graphic design.

How Is The Protractor Tool Used To Test The AngularJs Application?

When it comes to applications, AngularJS is in its purest form. With its ability to extend HTML functionality, AngularJS is becoming popular. The Protractor Automation tool is used to automate the user interface and functionality of the web application. Learn How is the protractor tool used to test the AngularJs Application? in Protractor Online Training.

With powerful technologies such as Selenium Webdriver and NodeJS, the Protractor is an application automation tool for web applications. It is a behavior-driven testing framework designed for Angular JS. 

Features of Automation Tool

  • Introduces syntax to writes the cases.
  • It allows the running test to target the remote address.
  • It is built on top of WebdriverJS and Selenium servers.
  • Takes advantage of selenium webdriver.

There are many features available in Protractor because it wraps around Selenium WebDriver. As a result of Protractor’s new locator strategies and functions, automating the AngularJS application has never been easier.

Why use Angular?

Angular is a Google-developed open-source front-end web application platform.

If you are interested in learning more about AngularJS, Check out Angularjs Online Training. Protractor provides the best end-to-end testing assistance application. 

Protractor for Automation

It is an end-to-end framework for AngularJS applications. It uses an actual browser to test the application. It is designed for AngularJS. 

Protractor Testing has Awesome Automatic

Protractor automatically detects when an Angular app has finished loading and executes the next step in the test as soon as the Web page completes any unfinished tasks. 

Language to Use with Protractor Automation Scripts?

For Angular1 go with Javascript, for Angular2 use Typescript. With the help of typescript, it is easy to use the protractor execution.

To get started with Protractor, familiarise yourself with some of the most commonly used features. Join Protractor Online Course to know to learn in detail. On the market, it offers hundreds of packages that extend the capabilities of Protractor beyond simple test scenarios.

Ideas To Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is earning money with the help of a website. There are two aspects in doing the affiliate marketing. Website promotion and sales both are the part of the affiliate marketing job. The three things which are required for the affiliate marketing are the visitors, content and the links to get the commission.

  1. Reviews

Marketing strategy for the affiliate market is product reviews, partnerships, and product launches. The product reviews from Google with photos or facts make the readers purchase the product.

  1. Partnership

The partnership with the big companies for the link makes it meaningful. Build a partnership with the service providers, consultants or software creators for the external links to the website. Thus if the link is relevant then it promotes the website.

  1. Research

Do research about the product and find new things about the product. Research and the content are based on the website and the product.

  1. Social media

Share the blog details to the Facebook page and make the content famous with more traffic. Social media usage is good for selling an interesting product.

  1. Product comparisons

Reviews and comparisons both are totally different. Provide all the information about the product to the readers. This is a good method to gain trust with the readers.

  1. Videos

The videos are used to explain the benefits of the product. The informational videos are helpful in promoting the affiliate product. Video tutorial about how to use the product is also useful in promoting the affiliate marketing.

  1. Webinars

The webinars are useful to promote the topics relevant to the product. Conduct a webinar about the fitness and keep the topic as “10 habits to help you stay healthier this year”.

  1. E-book


Create an e-book with all the ideas or information’s regarding the product. Present some interesting e-books to the regular readers.

  1. Write seasonal content

Write seasonal content on the website and provide information about the events and shopping information related to every season.

  1. Email list

Providing product information through email is also one of the best ways to promote the product.

  1. Guest post

Guest post on the relevant blogs is also helpful in gaining the traffic to the blog which ultimately ends up with selling the product.

  1. Forum

Some forums follow the no follow links and check the forums before creating the link.

Hope the above-provided information about the affiliate marketing is very helpful to promote the product and promote the website. Thus reach the public with effective marketing channels and gain commission from the e-commerce websites.