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What is Python?

Python is the highly preferred programming language among thousands of developers due to its versatility and robustness. Python is object-oriented scripting that is easy to read and understand by everyone. Owing to its simplicity it is not only used in Software Development but also in Web Development, Mobile App Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Game Development. One of the key features of Python is that you only need to code less when compared with other programming languages. Python is a high-level programming language and it is the commonly used language among developers for building an application rapidly. Python is also called a glue language since it is capable of connecting different components, software, and systems on various platforms. Some other examples of Glue language are AppleScript, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, VBScript, PHP, and PowerShell.  Python Online Course at FITA Academy provides in-depth training of Python applications and concepts with Expert mentorship and guidance. 

Applications Of Python:

Python is one of the popularly used programming languages in the world and is highly used in Mobile App Development, Web Development, Data Science, Data Analysis, & Automation Testing. It is also used by non-programmers such as accountants and scientists, who use Python for their everyday tasks.  To understand more about Python applications, join Python Training in Chennai to have a high chance of getting job posts in many leading companies.

Having seen what Python is and its application so far, let us now see the features and the popular real-world applications where Python is used. 

Features of Python:

  • Interpreted and Easy to comprehend
  • Free and open-source( upload the entire source code of the software)
  • Highly portable and has a user-friendly data structure
  • Provides extensive support libraries
  • Processes XML and other mark-up languages
  • Third-party modules are present
  • Can run on various operating systems
  • Dynamically typed
  • Object-oriented
  • Cross-platform

Python is widely used in various industries for these specific features. Python Training in Bangalore provides a high chance to become prominent in the job industry.

Web Development:

Python has a special role in Web development as it offers Web Developers the best security, easy scalability, and convenience in the development process.

Python has a wide array of frameworks and Content Management Systems, that helps the web developer to complete their Web Development process quickly. 


  • Python Web development frameworks Flask, Django, Pyramid, and Bottle. 
  • Content Management Systems – Django, CMS, Plone CMS, and Wagtail.   

A brief overview of Python Web Development frameworks

  •  Django  Django is a high-level and open-source web framework in python, which supports rapid web development and design. 
  •  Bottle- It is a fast and lightweight WSGI(Web Server Gateway Interface) micro web framework for Python and this framework has no other dependencies than the standard Python library. 
  • Pyramid – It is an open-source Python web framework. This python framework helps you to map URLs to code, security, and serving static assets (files like JavaScript and CSS).  
  • Falcon – It is a WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface forward requests to web applications or frameworks written in the Python programming language) library for building speedy web APIs and app backends. It provides enhanced reliability, flexibility to support the python web framework.

Data Science:

We all know that data science plays a decisive role in the modern world.  Today Data is everywhere and when an organization lacks in optimizing its Data it is surely out of the league in the marketplace. The general process of Data Science includes  Identifying the problem, data collection, data processing, data exploration, data analysis, and data visualization. To do this process efficiently Data Science makes use of many tools and libraries. And here Python libraries are the best choice to go with. In fact, Python has a major role in the Data Science process. Some of the popular Python libraries for Data Science are Pandas, Keras, SciKiLearn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, XGBoost, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Numpy.

Game Development

Python is widely used in Game development. 2D & 3D game development is possible with the help of Python libraries like PyGame, Pycap, Construct, Panda3D, Pysoy and there are many such libraries for game development. For example Games such as Civilization-IV, Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike, etc. have been built using Python libraries. 

Audio and Video Applications

Python’s efficiency is also well known in audio and video applications. When it comes to audio and video applications, libraries of python help you to accomplish your task quickly.  Video and audio applications such as TimPlayer, Cplay were developed using Python libraries. Using python Libraries like Pyo, and Dejavu, you can handle signal processing, audio manipulation, and audio recognition. Python offers several libraries for the video part such as OpenCV, Scipy, and many other libraries for better stability and performance. Big players like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube are popular audio and video applications written in Python.

Business Applications:

Business Applications are different from other applications. Business Application has specific features instead of multiple features. The user group of business applications is an organization and it is not created with general-purpose like Consumer Application. Moreover, Python provides us with all applications which are scalable, extensible, and easily readable. The best thing about Python is, it can do both consumer applications and business applications and gives high-security features for business applications. Odoo and Tryton are two powerful business applications that are built using Python. 

Python Classes in Pune will prepare the individual to face the challenges on the job with practical knowledge.

Summing Up

By now you know, the top 5 uses of Python in real-world applications and how Python is used in all sectors like  Web development, Data Science, Business Application, and  Mobile App Development. No matter what field you take up. You can start learning Python to enhance your career. If you’re a beginner and looking to learn a Python course then join the Python Training in Hyderabad at FITA Academy that trains you to get opportunities in the  IT domain.     

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