Benefits Of Writing By Hand

Technology has entered into the day to day life and with the impact of it, smartphones and computer have become the part of life.  For writing and taking notes research says using the hand is helpful to remember the information. Technology help to complete the work quickly whereas writing help to remember and understand the work to the core. Writing enhances motor skills. The work of the motor skill is to collect the links around your brain which makes it as reading circuit. Let us discuss in detail about the benefits of writing by hand.

Reduces the stress

The students undergo stress in their life due to the regular learning habit. To make them fresh and focused on sports activities and writing help a lot. Expressing the thoughts is one of the best ways to come out of the stress from the routines. The thoughts come out of a person with the flow when writing and it is the best way to relax the mind. The connection between the thought process and the action is in the form of writing, playing and involving into the educational activities.

Makes the student studious

One research says that Writing improves the understanding and those who take notes on a computer have less memory and understanding.

Engage your brain

Writing practice engages the brain with continuous work. Engagement of brain is important for the grasping power and learning multiple skills in the young age. By writing the brain is constantly engaged in activity-based learning.

Controls the mental aging

Writing habit reduces the stress and by the way, practicing the brain flexing tasks is a good idea to control the mental aging. Keeping the brain fresh chain of tasks and constant learning or writing is the best way to keep the mind young.

Enhances focus

When typing on the smartphone or computer there are so many distractions but when writing there is no distraction. For training the mind for the short memory writing with the hand is helpful.

Thus, writing in hand is the best practice to enhance memory, to boost the understanding, and to get relieved from the stress. When doing the writing practice with a hand the left brain is active which activate the thinking process. Writing the academic content and writing the personal feelings activates the emotional mind. Writing a diary before to sleep can improve sleep.

How To Improve English?

Learning habit and good communication skills are the main goals behind the school studies. There are some methods to make learning as meaningful and fun loving. Let us discuss in detail about how to improve English to school kids.

Teach vocabulary

Annotating the text makes your writing interesting. To inculcate the habit of learning and writing make the content interesting to the kids by using the highlighter, ruler, and sticky notes to deconstruct the text. To teach vocabulary to the kids make it interesting by annotating the text.

Teach descriptive sentences

Pictures are helpful in improving language skills. The pictorial representation is helpful in developing language skills. Pictures are represented along with the story and captions to convey the message about the pictures. Use long sentences and short sentences for the same picture. Use pictures like advertisements or home-related pictures or fashion related pictures which children can identify easily. This improves creativity and language skills.

Improve the sentences

Read the sentences which you like the most and try to improve the sentences with vocabulary. Either improve the sentence or rewrite the sentence to make it beautiful. The art of learning the English language lies in learning new words and writing amazing sentences. Give practice to the kids to write sentences in multiple ways.

Play games

Games and activities are the best way to teach language to the kids. For instance, play the truth and false game with the students. This game is about how the students express about themselves.  Ask the students to write two wrong statements and one right statement about themselves. Ask the students to find out which truth is and which is false. This game enhances the English language, friendship among the students, and leadership skills among the students.

Practice letter writing

Write letters to friends and family members. Especially the family member’s love to read the letters from the kids as it blossoms the relationship among the different age groups in the family. Writing letter is the old way of life but still, to impart good habits among kids it is important to bring back the old traditions.

Co-relate the interest and language

Ask your children to write a story about the inspiration they have on mind. Ask the children to write interesting stories about the events or the character which they are familiar with. If the kids love to travel then ask your child to write a story about the traveling experience. If your kids love to watch TV then ask your kids to write about the favorite TV program. So, connecting the interest and learning is the right path to teach anything. Provoke their learning habit with the help of writing about different things around them. Patience and time are important to understand the interest in the students and to make them learn. Apart from school education, it is important to improve language skills through different activities. In modern days, language skills and the education both are important to hold high positions in the corporates.

How To Practice And Acquire The Writing Skills?

The artistic talent in a human is exposed to writing. Writing professionals are used in multiple professionals like academic writing, publishing, and technical writing. Let me discuss in detail how to enhance the writing skills.

Analyze your interest

Analyze writing the subcategories like fiction, poetry, creative-nonfiction, sci-fi, mysteries, and experimental. The different writing structures inject the passion to write with creativity. Writing essays and writing non-fiction stories are always different.

If you want to become a good writer then select the location and time perfectly. Because reading and writing demand the right mindset. Reading habit is very essential for a good writer. To activate the creative mind it is important to make reading and writing as a habit. Some of the method to make it as a habit is

Select a calm place or surround yourself with friends or listen to music to write. If you are a nature lover then select a place with good nature.

Select a perfect time which makes you write. Some people select morning whereas some prefer for the evening time. Some love to write in the weekdays whereas some love to write in the weekends.

Practice for long hours

Start little and achieve big. Stretch your writing hours and find out what makes you to write. Try to understand the structure of your favorite poem and write wonderful sentences with the help of creativity. There are so many types of genres like science fiction, satire, drama, action and adventure, romance, mystery, horror, and self-help. Try for different types of writing. You may not like fantasy whereas other people may like fantasy. When reading the different type of stories keep in mind that you need to recreate the same on your own style of writing.

Notice unusual things

To become a successful writer notice unusual things around you. Pay attention to the world around you and create the best out of the things happening around you. Refresh your mind with motivational quotes like this:

Nothing is ordinary or boring. Find out the special or unusual things around you.

Try to find the answer to a problem or issue.

See the beauty in everything. For instance, see the long, thin veins in the tree and if you want to express the beauty in this then it looks like spades.

Keep a journal

See everything as an inspiration. The things around you are the sources from where you get ideas. Dream about big things, see the pictures or photographs and doodles, quotes about people and problems. The above-said things are the inspiration and motivation which makes one write.