The Impact Of Diet And Nutrition In ADHD Child

Children’s habits and environment play an important role in their development. Diet and nutrition also play an important part in improving the focus of attention of children. The food intake of the kid is the fuel for their body and mind. It might directly impact their mental health and behavior. Child concentration exercises are also followed by parents to improve skills needed by the children. 

Eat breakfast daily:

According to research on frontiers in human neuroscience, eating breakfast in the morning before school has a positive impact on children’s minds. It results in improved academic performance, especially in the math and arithmetic sessions. 

Put an end to artificial colors and preservatives:

In another study, researchers found that artificial colors and other preservatives tend to increase hyperactivity in kids. It is due to the addition of sodium benzoate in the food, kids under the age group 3 to 8 years show increased hyperactivity. 

Reduce sugar intake:

For the overall health benefit, kids must reduce the intake of sugar content in their foods. Recent studies observed the effects of sugar on children. They are not able to link sugar either to their behavior or cognitive dysfunction. Sugar has no nutritional value and children don’t exhibit hyperactivity after sugar intake. A high sugar diet has another risk stemming factor that leads to diabetes. Diabetes affects the brain in many ways. Anyways one has to cut down the sugar intake and processed food to improve the focus and attention in kids. Right brain training is given to the kids at a young age to enhance their learning abilities.

Natural remedies:

Many natural remedies support child focus. Natural remedies are not a miracle cure but it additionally promotes good health and well-being of kids. 

Natural remedies for better focus are:

  1. Include vitamins and supplements 
  2. Meditation and mindfulness 
  3. Practice yoga 
  4. Include essential oils and aromatherapy 

Vitamins and Supplements:

The nutrients are critical for any healthy brain and that includes vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin C, and magnesium. Try to incorporate all these in the child’s diet to improve the focus. If you think food isn’t enough then supplements might help them in attaining focus. 


Meditation is not only for adults. Kids even benefit from it. Kids who have trouble with concentration and focus can start with meditation. Deep breathing is the first step to start with. This sharpens their focus and helps them to settle with calmness. 


Yoga is a practice that involves body movements. It helps kids to gain focus and attention. It also helps them to attain high self-esteem. 

Essential oils:

Plants and other oils help in healing and better health. Diluting the oil and diffusing them into the air, helps to achieve calmness and focus.

Memory improvement techniques include following a healthy diet and practicing regular exercise. Remember no single technique is a cure for all. The combination of a few techniques will help to have bigger improvements.

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