How Is The Protractor Tool Used To Test The AngularJs Application?

How is the protractor tool used to test the AngularJs Application?

When it comes to applications, AngularJS is in its purest form. With its ability to extend HTML functionality, AngularJS is becoming popular. The Protractor Automation tool is used to automate the user interface and functionality of the web application. Learn How is the protractor tool used to test the AngularJs Application? in Protractor Online Training.

With powerful technologies such as Selenium Webdriver and NodeJS, the Protractor is an application automation tool for web applications. It is a behavior-driven testing framework designed for Angular JS. 

Features of Automation Tool

  • Introduces syntax to writes the cases.
  • It allows the running test to target the remote address.
  • It is built on top of WebdriverJS and Selenium servers.
  • Takes advantage of selenium webdriver.

There are many features available in Protractor because it wraps around Selenium WebDriver. As a result of Protractor’s new locator strategies and functions, automating the AngularJS application has never been easier.

Why use Angular?

Angular is a Google-developed open-source front-end web application platform.

If you are interested in learning more about AngularJS, Check out Angularjs Online Training. Protractor provides the best end-to-end testing assistance application. 

Protractor for Automation

It is an end-to-end framework for AngularJS applications. It uses an actual browser to test the application. It is designed for AngularJS. 

Protractor Testing has Awesome Automatic

Protractor automatically detects when an Angular app has finished loading and executes the next step in the test as soon as the Web page completes any unfinished tasks. 

Language to Use with Protractor Automation Scripts?

For Angular1 go with Javascript, for Angular2 use Typescript. With the help of typescript, it is easy to use the protractor execution.

To get started with Protractor, familiarise yourself with some of the most commonly used features. Join Protractor Online Course to know to learn in detail. On the market, it offers hundreds of packages that extend the capabilities of Protractor beyond simple test scenarios.

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