What is the Major Difference Between React Native and ReactJs?

What is the Major Difference Between React Native and ReactJs?

What is the Major Difference Between React Native and ReactJs?

ReactJs and ReactNative have their history, both of them are used for mobile applications development and for developing websites. Both of them has their unique style to work on the applications. They were used for running Facebook advertisements and Instagram advertisements. Join React Online Course to learn What is the Major Difference Between React Native and ReactJs? 


ReactJs supports both the frontend and server. It is used for the creation of mobile apps and websites. 

Features of ReactJS

ReactJs uses Document Object Model for the development of web applications with the help of blazing speed. The ReactJs creates a memory and then updates the information on the browser with the help of DOM. In ReactJS speed matters. With the help of ReactJs, the applications are created very soon. It helps in making the application development successful. Learn ReactJs Online from Skillsion to learn the difference between ReacrJs and ReactNative.

The usage of components in ReactJS helps in saving enormous time. The components used here take individual time for the self-sustaining microsystem. It helps in giving a boost to the website for the SEO process. When the bot crawls the page, it helps in indexing the images, contents, texts. The visibility of the website in a fast way is the better user experience for the customer.

Development Tools

ReactsJs has a huge development tool, with a massive ecosystem of components like libraries, web browsers, extensions, etc.

What is ReactNative?

React Native uses ReactJs for building web applications and websites. React-native enables it to run on multiple platforms like Windows, ioS, javascript, etc.

Features of ReactNative

When ReactNative is used for the development of web applications, it generates its specific code perfectly.

Development process

With the help of ReactNative, a front-end developer can create an application. For the front-end developer, it is easy to create the application with the help of javascript. The developers can use platforms like APIs, and certain specific designs.

Limitations of Using ReactJs

Overhead Costs & Time

Learning curve

External library support

Long data hierarchy

Limitations of Using ReactNative

Lack of native libraries

The loosely held abstraction layer

Takes more time to initialize

Requires a lot of native workarounds

Winding Up

Both ReactJs and Reactnative are the pillars for the development of web applications. ReactJs is Javascript and react-native is the entire framework. Reactjs is best for building apps with a lot of functionality. React Native is best for giving your mobile apps a native feel. 


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