Top Corporate Training Trends You Should Know

Top Corporate Training Trends

With many people still working from home and face-to-face training becoming increasingly difficult, digital learning is helping employees keep up with change. People are now accustomed to learning on their terms. Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), webinars, and eLearning are all well-known methods of training while working remotely. Join Corporate Training in Chennai at FITA Academy, which will provide you with more benefits and opportunities.

Here, we will discuss how to create an employee training plan.

What is Corporate Training?

Corporate training is a set of activities designed to educate employees. It benefits employees both professionally and personally by providing opportunities for them to gain and improve knowledge and skills. Corporate education or workplace learning are other terms for it.

Top Corporate Training Trends You Should Know:


Microlearning was cited as the most effective approach in their organization by 25% of L&D professionals. Bite-sized training content is also popular among busy employees who need to fit learning into their schedules. 

With employee burnout on the rise, there is a greater need than ever for shorter, sharper, and more relevant learning experiences. Microlearning must respect employees’ time by providing people-centred learning that is really beneficial to them.

Flexible Learning:

The new work landscape is evolving, and hybrid ways of working are emerging, but the proportion of learning delivered digitally will remain far higher than pre-pandemic levels.

30% of businesses return to face-to-face training while providing learners with multiple options. Blended learning design is being updated to meet the diverse needs of the new learning landscape. This modern approach to blended learning provides people with options and flexibility while also maximizing impact.

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Social Learning:

Video has proven critical to people’s continued collaboration and relationship building when confronted with new isolated workplace configurations. Many people are encouraged by group learning, learning and development.

AI Personalized Learning:

Most businesses have an abundance of learning content. The problem is locating the appropriate content at the proper time. 15% of L&D teams are investigating how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize learning.

AI tools use data to provide adaptive learning paths. This can then be integrated into employees’ work as needed. 

Priority of Well-being:

Many employees have struggled due to rapid change and increased global uncertainty. On-the-job collaborative learning is more difficult, and there is a greater emphasis on self-learning. As a result, it’s not surprising that our survey identified employee well-being and mental health as a priority for learning leaders in the coming year.


So far, we have discussed the Top Corporate Training Trends You Should Know. So, to have a comprehensive understanding of corporate training, you can enroll in Corporate Training in Bangalore and equip yourself with its functions and benefits.