Dot Net Characteristics & Its Importance In Web Application Development

Dot Net Characteristics & Its Importance In Web Application Development

Dot Net is a software framework that is designed to increase the productivity of designers and programmers as they want to create solutions for both small and large businesses. This .net framework concept is developed by Microsoft which runs primarily on Microsoft windows. The programs are written for the Dot Net framework execute in a software environment known as Common Language Runtime which is shortly referred to as “CLR”. Below we will see the Dot Net Characteristics & Its Importance In Web Application Development and also how will be the career in Dot Net after completing a course on Dot Net Training In Mumbai.

Features of .Net Framework :

As .Net has many features here we will see some important dot net features. But before seeing that,as .Net provides various job opportunities for an individual in the I.T sector it is better to take Dot Net Training In Ahmedabad to enter easily into an I.T field.


Caching in .Net Framework is one of the most crucial aspects of an application. Here the data is stored after use because it could be used in the future as required. This latest technology in .net successfully manages to keep the presentation and application logic which helps to maintain the code more effectively along with the developers to check for any bugs which might exist.


This security feature plays an important role in the dot net concepts and it also makes sure of all security aspects to receive data from a remote source. It displays method-level security for the developers. An individual should go for the .Net Coaching Centre In Kochi as it provides plenty of job opportunities to enter into the I.T sector.

Portability :

This is a program that is created to use the framework without making any changes to the system for which it is used.

Mobile Devices Supported by .Net Platform:

This .Net framework is designed to run on systems that include Mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants, and Smart Phones. So doing a certification on Dot Net Training In Trivandrum will also help you get placed in multilevel mobile companies too.

How does .Net Differ from other programming languages?

  • One can get a job in several companies if he is certified by studying .Net Coaching In Kolkata because he can develop web pages using DoT Net applications.
  • Dot Net has great demand in the I.T market nowadays. A student who has a certification on .Net from recognized institutes FITA Academy will have a higher chance of getting into a job than others.
  • It requires a creative and applicative mind.
  • It has wide application modules and applications in Web Designing.

So by concluding the need for Dot Net training is obvious because while going for a training an individual can explore more than studying in a college. So a student from all the streams who are interested in making their career in I.T should go for a strong technical program like Dot Net which would sharpen their technical skills and make them employable.

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