5 Types Of Must Have Pans In Your Kitchen

tri ply pans

Pans play a vital role in the kitchen, from frying pancakes to bread rolls. A pan is a flat-bottomed pan with high thickness for frying, browning, and searing the dish and, the average radius of the tri ply frying pan varies from 20 to 30 cm generally. The pans come in various materials like carbon steel, aluminum, nonstick, and cast iron. Each material is different and has its pros and cons. Hence, depending on the material, each pan is used for different purposes.  For instance, a kadai is suitable for making curry and a tawa is an excellent option for making pancakes and roti. Therefore, in this post, listed below are five types of must-have pans in the kitchen.

Frying pan:

It is the commonly used cookware in the kitchen to saute and season the dishes. These frying pans are made of copper, cast iron, and carbon steel. The radius of these frying pans ranges cm in diameter. Copper pans are thermally conductive and used for sauteing. The copper pans are highly reactive and react with acidic food resulting in food poisoning. Hence, nonstick cookware is popular in recent times because of coating and even distribution of heat. Therefore, frying pans are ideal for frying eggs and sauteing vegetables.


Kadai is deep-bottomed cookware similar to the wok and used for making curries and deep-frying. Traditionally, kadai is made from mild steel or wrought iron. Nowadays, with the help of advanced technology, the kadai is made of nonstick, copper, and stainless steel. The triply steel kadai is well-known for its heat conductivity and withstands heat for a longer time because of its triple-layer. Therefore, kadai comes in different sizes and serves various purposes.


Another essential cookware in the kitchen is the tawa used for making roti and pancakes. It is flat and disc-shaped cookware usually made of cast iron, aluminium, and carbon steel. The radius of the tawa varies from  8 inches to 12 inches. It is the most versatile cookware to cook Indian dishes.


The saucepans are the essential cookware in the kitchen for boiling water or stew. It had deep sides with straight edges and was relatively high compared to other cookware. A saucepan is suitable for making pasta sauce, making soups, and simmering. The saucepans are commonly made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and nonstick. The advantage of using the saucepan is it prevents spillage and has longer handles to carry the pan. 

Casserole pan:

It is a pan that has deep sides with higher straight edges than the saucepans. Casserole pan is mainly used for serving purposes and cooking rice. These pans are made of glass, ceramic, and cast iron. The casserole pan comes in various sizes like square, rectangular, and oblong.

Hence, tri ply saucepan or any cookware is essential in the kitchen for frying and searing purposes. Therefore, consider the suggestions shared in the post to choose appropriate cookware for the kitchen.


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